Welding Technology

Thermal cutting, coating and joining processes play a central role as value-added and quality determining manufacturing steps in a large number of production processes. In highly industrialised branches, welded joints and welding processes, in particular, have to satisfy constantly growing and changing demands with respect to cost-effectiveness, flexibility and quality. These include, for example, high-quality processing of modern materials with often high demands on the mechanical and technological properties with consistent process reliability, the assurance of the part integrity of welded components of innovative lightweight steel constructions subject to high static and cyclic loads, increases in the cost-effectiveness of welding processes through modern automation solutions, and the introduction of highly productive welding methods to increase competitiveness as an answer to the growing pressure of costs in globalised markets.

In order to find long-term and sustainable solutions to the resulting technological and economic challenges, the Welding Engineering working group of the Fraunhofer IGP is continuously engaged in innovative research and development on current and future issues in the fields of shipbuilding, structural steel work, onshore and offshore wind energy. We always strive to holistically evaluate technological, metallurgical and design aspects of the respective welding applications within the value-added chain.

The combination of innovative analysis methods with modern welding equipment together with standardised and accredited testing technology ensure a flexible and holistic approach to current issues within the scope of public sector and private research projects.