Factory and work organization

Work area

The research focus in factory and work organization includes all planning and design processes of manufacturing structures on macro and micro level.

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Macro level: The focus is on holistic factory planning. We develop solutions that are used both strategically and operationally. With the help of material flow simulation, 3D layout planning or digital robot simulations, we thus increase the performance capability of our customers. We rely on the latest methods and tools of the digital factory and are constantly developing them further.

Micro level: The focus is on the individual workplace or work process. What influence does work have on people? Which technical assistance systems are necessary for ergonomic and gentle work? These questions are answered with the help of ergonomic simulations and intelligent workplace systems. Manufacturing processes thus become more efficient and ergonomic. Innovative production concepts based on human-robot collaboration are leading in the direction of New Work. They are the future of work.


Factory Planning and Logistics - Digital Factory

  • Productivity and potential studies for production systems
  • Digital factory design using material flow and kinematics simulation to back up investment decisions
  • 3D layout planning in a virtual reality environment for new planning and reorganization projects
  • Optimization of production and logistics systems based on lean production methods

Work organization

  • Ergonomics evaluation at the workplace
  • Innovative work systems based on human-robot collaboration
  • Ergonomic workplace systems as well as intelligent handling systems for weightless handling of loads
  • Digital employee assistance systems for
  • Production, logistics and maintenance