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Research for the practical application is the central mission of the Fraunhofer Society. Founded in 1949, the entire organization pursues an application-oriented research for the benefit of both: economy and society. Contract partners and customers are industrial and service companies as well as the public sector.

In January 2017, the former Fraunhofer Applied Centre for Larges Structures in Production Engineering became an independent institute in Rostock: the Fraunhofer IGP.

Based on applied research and in cooperation with partners from science and industries, the focus is to develop and realize concepts for products and process innovations for many futureoriented industries. These industries range from ship and steel
construction, energy and enviromental technology, construction of rails and commercial vehicles as well as machine and plant engineering.

The Fraunhofer IGP cooperates with the Professorship of Production Technology and the Professorship of Joining Technology of the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology of the University of Rostock und is a member of the Fraunhofer Transport Alliance and other various research associations and networks.

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Fraunhofer Research Institution for Large Structures in Production Engineering IGP
Albert-Einstein-Straße 30
18059 Rostock


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