Facts and figures

Employee numbers
Total budget

Employee numbers

In 2019, the total number of staff employed at Fraunhofer IGP rose to 205, with the majority of our scientists holding a degree in engineering or industrial engineering. The work of the Fraunhofer team is supported by a total of 109 research assistants and, as in the previous years, the team will be joined by three trainees. In cooperation with the chairs of manufacturing technology and joining engineering, seven university employees work closely with Fraunhofer IGP in both research and education.

Earnings and total budget

Earnings for 2019 amounted to a total of EUR 9.8 million. With economic returns of 50%, budget targets were also once again achieved in 2019. The Fraunhofer Institute in Rostock also maintained a balanced budget in 2019, with a positive carry-over. The overall budget continued to show steady growth.