Inspection, Monitoring and Certification Body according to LBO

PÜZ Body MVO08 according to State Building Code

Products or types for which recognised technical rules do not yet exist require building inspectorate suitability certification before they can be used in building authority approvals applications/ areas.

Setting up the testing machine
Setting up the testing machine

For general construction supervision permits (abZ) with approvals numbers Z-14.1-… and Z-14.4-… (connecting elements), the Fraunhofer IGP has been recognised by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt) as an inspection, monitoring and certification body (MVO08) according to the state building code since 2014. The recognition as a monitoring and
certification body was successfully extended in 2018 with the approvals numbers Z-30.6-… (welded steel parts) and
Z-14.9-… (structural anchorings of attachment points for anchor devices). In addition, recognition was gained for the approval group “Parts of structural steel welded using a standardised process with special application” (approval number Z-30.6-…) as Germany’s first and currently only testing body.

The Fraunhofer IGP takes on supervision and certification orders (System ÜZ) in Germany and abroad. The functions of the supervisory body thereby comprise the inspection of the manufacturing works on site with respect to the personnel and equipment preconditions for consistently correct manufacturing. The supervisory body is also responsible for auditing the works’ in-house production control to ensure the product properties. External supervision thus comprises an inspection of the building products for compliance with the underlying technical specification (abZ).

The certification body then performs the final evaluation of the reports submitted by the supervisory body with regard to the granting, renewal or revocation of the certificates of conformity. If the evaluation is positive, the manufacturer is both entitled and obliged to mark the building products or building types with the symbol of conformity (Ü symbol).

For certain building products or building types, the declaration of conformity can be made by the manufacturer (ÜHP system). In that case, the testing body of the Fraunhofer IGP can carry out an initial test of the building product or building type for conformity with the demands of the underlying abZ.